There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about me. I've had many opportunities (good, bad and/or indifferent) that I can share with you.  I hope you enjoy this page and my site.

Motivational and Inspirational Speaking Points

Each speech will be designed around the topic, however motivational and inspirational speeches have some generic points.

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Speaking Points


  • I originally wrote a blog about the worst medical decision I made December 2009. Not only were their multiple doctors involved then medical lawsuit was mediated and three mesh lawsuits were filed .
  • Many different experiences that were cathartic and evolved into a book.
  • There are complete sections on Mesh and Cipro.  My favorite section  - "Resources to make your life bearable."

Medical Mesh

  •  Mesh has been used by hundreds of doctors truly not realizing what the outcomes were going to be.
  • The most amazing thing I discovered was that mesh was approved through a 501 k process that allowed similar products to be approved with out any research.
  • Many doctors can put it in, but few have the expertise to take it out.


  • CIPRO is a broad sprectum antibiotic used by many doctors as some describe "like candy," yet the FDA has issued  a black box warning in the pharmecitical literature everyone receives, but seldom reads.
  • The FDA has issued a warning that CIPRO should only be used as a last resort.
  • CIPRO is like Russian Roulette - it affects some and not others.


  • My fist public school experience was in a segragated exempted village.
  • I worked in several different districts - large and small and each had its own advantage.
  • Some of my unique experiences included starting and facilitating a Traumatic Brain Injured Program and a Bilingual Special Education Program for the largest school district in Arizona.
  • One of my more unique experiences was being one of the few civilians allowed in the juvenile detention center in Phoenix to visit one of my students who was a repeat fire started.

Resilient Children

  • In my many years in education, I met many traumatized children that their only hot meal was at school.
  • We would have to remember even if the student's lifestyle was dramatically different from ours, it was the only exposure they had had,
  • My daughter, Meg, was adopted from an orphanage in China and severally neglected for a year and I still see the repercusions 20 years later.
  • Working with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) has introduced me to a different level of abuse and trauma.

Essential Oils

  • Essential Oils (EO) is one of God's first medicine.
  • Frankincense, Myrrh and gold were the gifts brought to Jesus by the Three Wise Men.
  • EO unlike pharmaceuticals go where they're needed in the body versus treating a symptom.
  • EOs should be used to support and maintian healthy conditions in the body.
  • Because  EOs are not regulated, they should be used with care, specifically with pregnant and nursing woman, babies and young children and will interact with some pharmaceutical drugs.

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My passion is to spread the word.  I would prefer public speaking in front of and audience (like a classroom?!?!) for the face-to-face interaction and the ability to respond to concerns and questions.

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I am available in the greater Phoenix area, Skpe or paid travel  and associated expenses.

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