In the last few decades’ essential oils have experienced a resurgence of popularity, thanks to the efforts of other essential oil companies that have provided families with high quality oils and advice on how to use them. They have been taking the oils, purifying them, finding effective blends, and producing creams and pills to provide a variety of uses. This has been wonderful for the industry and the millions of individuals who have benefited from all that oils must offer!

Améo is incomparable to any EO company I’ve seen. All Améo EOs are CERTI-5™ validated, meaning that they’ve passed extensive testing for quality, purity, and usability. Améo also takes additional steps to make sure that each oil is cell active and permeable for maximum results. Each bottle has an individual batch code that allows you to see everything [and so much more] you would want to know about your oils. Take the True Lavender I just bought and go to http://ameo.com/ameo-difference – insert the batch code 19329 [go ahead, I’ll wait] and feast your eyes on THAT! I have nothing against the other companies out there and will continue using the oils dōTERRA has that Améo doesn’t yet provide. I felt it necessary to share my findings now that I can confidently say which I prefer using myself. Have you tried Améo? Are you hesitant for fear of leaving behind a team, clientele, or familiarity? Don’t be.

Zija International, the parent company, began by making history with our line of high-quality health and nutrition products. This passion for wellness has since flourished and expanded into Améo. Because our luxuriously pure essential oils are extracted from nature’s most generous trees, herbs, plants, seeds and fruits, we are proud to share them with you and those you care about.

Améo means soul in French. Rico means rich in Spanish. Together, they create Améo. We want you to take part in Améo, a product line that believes in Rich Souls. Our essential oils will help you continue to feel your best, look your best, be your best, and have the energy and vitality needed to enjoy your life; this new life begins with the numerous benefits of using these oils daily. From one Rich Soul to another, welcome to Améo.


In the last few decades’ essential oils have experienced a resurgence of popularity, thanks to the e

In the last few decades’ essential oils have experienced a resurgence of popularity, thanks to the e

Why I recommend Améo.


 There are a lot of oil companies out there, and you want to make sure that you are choosing what is right for yourself and your family. .

Reason #1 – QUALITY

  Most oil companies provide you with pure essential oil, 100% pure, therapeutic grade, certified pure, medical grade, etc. Most of these are trademarked phrases, owned by the company, and then used to assure customers that all their oils meet that company’s standards for purity. 


There is actually only one scientific standard when it comes to essential oil purity, and that is clinical grade. If you go to PubMed and search for essential oils, you will find over 15,000 research studies that have been completed on essential oils. The oils used in those studies were not anything you can buy at a grocery store, or even from other, higher quality direct sales oil companies.

The oils used in clinical studies and scientific researches are clinical grade oils. They have met a standard set by the scientific community for consistent purity. Before Améo, clinical grade oils were not readily available to purchase. Now they are. If a study demonstrated a benefit for a essential oil, Améo ensures that their essential oil meets or exceeds the standards of the essential oil used in that study.

Reason #2 – Proof

 Just like any other company, Améo can claim to have pure oils. So what is the difference? Améo is showing you. Améo provides batch specific data for each oil. You can put in a batch number from the bottom of a bottle of oil and see the gc/ms graph, the sourcing data, the purification test results, the top constituents and video of that oil entering live human cells.

Purity and quality are the two most important aspects of any essential oil. Both affect its therapeutic value, aroma, color, potency and, when applicable, flavor.
Enter the unique batch code on the bottle of your Améo Essential Oil bottle to gain access to the tests performed on that oil and its results.

Go to ameodifference.com and enter 18040 to see the information provided on a specific bottle of Améo True Lavender.

Reason #3 – Progress

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years. The pharaohs were buried with Frankincense. One of the earliest medical texts was a Chinese collection of uses for Ginger oil. For thousands of years humans have been using the essence of plants to naturally improve our health.


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About Essential Oils


AMÉO Essential Oils


There are many essential oils companies, and in my opinion, will be exploding with many families wanting healthy households with naturopathic methods, rather than pharmaceuticals.  Zija International and Ameo Essential Oils are by far the best.

Oils have been around for thousands of years with origins in Greece, China, and other countries.  One of the most common references is the gifts of the Wise Men to Jesus upon his birth of gold, frankincense and myrrh. 

Zija is the company, while my emphasis is the Ameo Essential Oils I will introduce some of the products that have helped me.  Zija is rather a young company – ten years old, however the founder has been involved in other companies.

The Zija story begins with one man viewing a documentary about a tree grown in faraway lands. His interest piqued as he observed people being sustained by consuming small amounts of this nutrient-rich botanical, called Moringa oleifera. This man is Ken Brailsford, a pioneer in the nutritional supplement industry, the “Father of Herbal Encapsulation,” and the Founder of Zija International.    All information within was taken from Zija and promotional info.  To access additional information, go to     http://healthyon.myzija.com/ 



Health, Wellness, and Beauty for All

Our health and well-being are under attack; we need a Natural Health Revolution to help us naturally nourish, naturally restore and naturally condition the body. Each of Zija’s product brands fills a unique void and serves a distinct purpose in this revolution; these include Core Moringa® Supplements, Améo® Essential Oils, Ripstix® Fitness Supplements, and GenM® Personal Care.


 Nourisher. Beautician. Humanitarian. Native to the Himalayan Mountains, Moringa oleifera contains 90+ vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits. 


 Pure Nature. Sound Science. Rich Life. Because our premier essential oils are extracted from nature’s most generous trees, herbs, plants, seeds and fruits, and backed by cutting-edge scientific research and development, we are proud to share them with you and those you care about. 


 We’ve revolutionized the way that people work out, fuel their body, and push their limits time and time again. Ripstix Supplements have been carefully formulated to help you keep your drive alive with the energy and nutrients needed before, during and after exercise. 


 Because everyone wants to look and feel their very best, Zija’s team of scientists, nutritionists and beauty experts have teamed up with Mother Nature to look at how proper skin, body and hair care can assist in a more natural way. Our cutting-edge and natural line of personal care products featuring Moringa oleifera is bridging the generation gap to give health, wellness, and beauty back to the masses.