Some Educational Speaking Points


  • Register the prior Spring.
  • Typically will screen.
  • Do not stay - even if crying.
  • Let them know you will pick them up,


  • Can I reqest a specific teacher?
  • What if shouldn't be placed with certain student?
  • Homework issues
  • Attendance/tardies


  • Will it help my child?
  • How is it different than special education?
  • What does the parent need to do?

Special Education

  • How do I request an evaluation? 
  • What does it involve?
  • I don't want my child labeled.
  • What is an IEP?


  • Find out your districts's policy.
  • Who's doing thr bullying?
  • Go through level of command
  • If necessary, report to police.

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University Training

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership 

Wright State University, Dayton, OH

M.Ed. in Curriculum & Supervision, Elementary School Supervisor 

Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

B.S. in Elementary Education/Special Education Endorsement


Over my 42 years, education has changed

however I had multiple experiences in *rural, urban and inner city

*taught special needs preschoolers,

 K-6 Learning Disabled , Cognitive Impaired students

*Assistant Principal, Principal, Regional Director of Special Education

*Taught undergraduate and graduate courses at McPherson College, Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University.

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