The Truth about Treating Incontinence and Mesh Complication

My new book ,  "Enmeshed - The Truth about Treating Incontinence and  Mesh Complications," is about my continued journey from mild incontinence to no urethra and constant UTIs.  I want all women to become their own medical advocate and make informed decisions about medication, procedures, and surgery. 



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About The Book


This book is the #1 educational source for incontinence, mesh and tips on how to live with the complications.

Are you dealing with incontinenece?

Are you dealing with complications that could be related to mesh?

Do you need some insights and tips on how to live with these complications?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is where you can find some help.    

Find Out About

*types of incontinence

*mesh complications 

*Cipro complications 

*what to ask about mesh? 

*safer alternatives  


*Glossary of procedures and types of surgeries

*Tips and Insights for more comfortable living after mesh 

 *Should I seek an attorney for medical malpractice, class  action or mass tort suits?  

*Internet resources 




There is no happily ever after

By Janet 

Written as if you were sitting at the kitchen table over coffee with this writer. This book is not a happy ever after book. This book speaks of a women’s life completely destroyed after an elective surgery. A surgery when an entire medical society fails to acknowledge their own creed “do no harm”. A book that could be given to any women facing the normal process for a woman with a prolapse bladder or incontinence and facing a surgery, a surgery that can completely leave your life in ruins.

"You must be your own best health advocate!" - Nancy Gretzinger

By Lynette

This book was very hard for me as I am a friend of Nancy's and I know of her medical issues but I did not ever comprehend the entire journey she has been on, she shares that in a way that you can feel what she went through. She is so vulnerable and strong at the same time.
Her book is extremely informative, whether you are going through a serious health challenge or not, you will benefit by reading it.
Her research is extensive, and the book is valuable to anyone considering surgery of any kind!
"You must be your own best health advocate!" - Nancy Gretzinger

she gives great tips on everything from selecting a surgeon

By Karen

Dr. Nancy Gretzinger, ED. D, shares her devastating experience with an elective procedure and provides her readers with valuable insights. When it comes to our health, we do not want to find ourselves saying, "If only I had been given this information sooner..." As Dr. Gretzinger leads us through her difficult journey, she gives great tips on everything from selecting a surgeon, to mindset, to managing life with chronic health issues. This book was written from the heart and would be very helpful to anyone considering elective surgery (especially for incontinence).

Excellent, informative book

Every woman who experiences incontinence should read this book. This book is well written, giving Nancy's experiences with mesh and antibiotics and providing information we all should be aware of. You will experience tears, anger and ah ha moments while reading this book. A MUST read for anyone who's had or is considering surgery for incontinence or prolapse. Thank you, Nancy for this insightful book!

By Robin S.

A must read for anyone considering a mesh bladder sling. Use the authors links for more information and choose wisely.

One of a kind... Motivating!

By Dorena

My mother had uterine prolapse as did my grandmother. My mother had to have her bladder stitched back up. Nancy's story inspires me prevent this for myself. This is an important book that informs people that are considering how to handle bladder prolapse.

Pelvic mesh has destroyed countless lives. Nancy Thank you for being our voice!

By Dolo

Please read this book before considering any type of elective surgery. A wealth of information here. Don't trust blindly. Research and inform yourself toughly. I have suffered through seven surgeries since 2008 due to transvaginal mesh. If I had only known what is written in these pages, I would have made different decisions.

Made from the victims words...

By Denise  

Most information from the VICTIMS OF MESH.... no doctors know how bad it was because they didn't send most to pathology to find the real problems out.... :/

This has been an eye opening book that has brought ...

By Patricia

This has been an eye-opening book that has brought to light a topic that so little people discuss, and it needs to be addressed. Thank you, Nancy, for revealing it.